Every Wedding is a New Adventure at Muchas Gracias Catering

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Weddings and Muchas Gracias catering are a perfect match. Through the years, we have learned that there is no cookie-cutter way to go about all the preparation for the ceremony itself and the wedding reception that follows. The guest list, big or small, is where most couples start. But some prefer to start with the color motif, the entourage, and the wedding fineries.

So, why is every wedding unique?

People have various ideas on what makes a wedding special. There are ideas from the countless bride magazines that would inspire brides and their grooms. Maybe you have seen a wedding guide and decide to have a beach wedding. Many resources with the best options are available.

Consider Your Preferences

The most important thing in a wedding is your comfort as a couple. If you’re comfortable with the arrangements, you will enjoy yourselves more. If the wedding trimmings is too stuffy for your taste, then it’s probably not the wedding you want. Plan ahead, and make compromises with your would-be spouse. Family preferences matter, but your comfort as the one getting married matters more!

Example, if you often wish that your big event will only be attended by close relatives and friends, you may be an introvert. A small wedding may be just right for you.

If you and your love are social people who enjoy the company of acquaintances and friends alike, you may want a grant and lavish wedding where families, friends, and colleagues will attend.

If you’re often on the beach or you fantasize about going to the beach every day, a destination beach wedding in La Union is probably best for you.

Each wedding preparation has pros and cons, but if you’re comfortable in the setting, you’re probably the most excited about it.

In the coming posts, we will give you more tips on how to custom-tailor your own wedding, or how to direct your event stylist to create the perfect wedding for you.


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Ruby Grace C. Galvez

Ruby Grace C. Galvez is the sister of the owner of Muchas Gracias Restaurant. She is currently the librarian at Alfredo F. Tadiar Library, in the City of San Fernando, La Union.

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