Why La Union for a Destination Wedding

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In choosing your wedding venue, you might want to consider a destination wedding in an out-of-town location that does not involve too much adjustment on your part. After all, a completely remote location might be a romantic idea for a wedding, but your guests might find it too inaccessible. If you only have one weekend to complete the wedding plus bonding in the location of choice, your best bet would be La Union.

Why La Union?

It’s accessible; only 4-5 hours away from Manila (by public bus). It’s one hour away from Baguio (by public bus). By private car, the travel time is shorter.

The beaches are conducive for weddings. The beaches of LaUnion are admittedly not pristine white, but there are advantages to the packed black sand that about. You can set up easily with minimum hassle on the black sand.

Wedding suppliers abound. You can go for the more expensive route if you can afford it: hotel reception, wedding planner, and all-in packages. Or, you can take advantage of the easy, budget-friendly way: book a venue/hall that allows outside caterers, contact a catering service (like Muchas Gracias), and rent a tour guide to take you to Tangadan Falls after your reception.

There are other things to do, and you can de-stress after your wedding, before your honeymoon. You can hang out at bars in San Juan, La Union (urbiztondo area), you can surf (or learn how), you can spend the whole afternoon looking at great souvenirs and local crafts in the San Fernando Dry Market, or you can buy fresh seafood and rent a hut by the beach where you can cook your food on hot charcoal. Plus, there’s always Tangadan Falls, a sure tourist pleaser (if you don’t mind the trek).

So, when’s the wedding season in LU (also known as “elyu”). We recommend booking your events with the caterer, venue, and other suppliers before October and after January. Why? Because October to January is the typical swell months, during which the surf is up and most people go to the beaches to surf. There may be some quiet beach areas where you can still have your wedding, but expect tourists everywhere you want to go.

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Ruby Grace C. Galvez

Ruby Grace C. Galvez is the sister of the owner of Muchas Gracias Restaurant. She is currently the librarian at Alfredo F. Tadiar Library, in the City of San Fernando, La Union.

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